Loving Like Jesus is based on the book "Eats With Sinners" 

by Arron Chambers

"Eats With Sinners" is published by NavPressPurchasing books is not required for this campaign, but it can certainly amplify the experience for your church members and guests.

If you would like to place a bulk order for books, either call (855) 277-9400 or visit navpress.com. If you don't already have a NavPress account, you will need to create one, but it’s super easy to do.

This is optional for all churches, but we are grateful to NavPress for working with us on this campaign. To enhance the Loving Like Jesus experience, we suggest making the books available for purchase in your church foyer. 

Be sure to check out TheDiscipleMaker.org, a great blog site maintained by NavPress.

Check out more great resources from NavPress...

Go by Preston Sprinkle

Drawing on a recent Barna Group study of the state of discipleship in the United States commissioned by The Navigators, bestselling author Preston Sprinkle provides a holistic, biblical response for discipleship, providing accessible tools for all those who are engaged in making Christ-followers in the 21st century.

In an extremely practical fashion, Go helps us to discern, from the Scriptures and from exemplary disciple-making ministries, what discipleship is and is not, what it has become and what it can still be.


Next Door As It Is In Heaven by Lance Ford & Brad Brisco 

Neighborhoods have become the place where nobody knows your name. Into this neighborhood crisis the words of Jesus still ring true: Second only to the command to love God is the command to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

In Next Door as It Is in Heaven, Lance Ford and Brad Brisco offer first principles and best practices to make our neighborhoods into places where compassion and care are once again part of the culture, where good news is once again more than words, and where the love of God can be once again rooted and established.

Staying is the New Going by Alan Briggs

For too long we’ve outsourced God’s work in the world to missionaries “out there” at the ends of the earth. In reality, God wants us to love our neighbor right next door. He wants us to pray for the welfare of our zip code, to witness to the world outside our window. He wants us to be the church, the people of God, in conversation and meaningful engagement with the people God loves outside the walls of the church.

The stories in this book will change the way you look at your city and provide insights into how you can be an authentic Christian.

Devoted by Arron Chambers

Being a disciple of Jesus is an issue of devotion rather than duty. Before Peter began the most important act of his life—discipleship—Jesus didn’t ask him, “How many chapters of the Torah did you read today?” or “Are you attending services at the synagogue each week?” or “Did you give your tithe today?” No, before Peter began his journey of discipleship, Jesus asked him, “Do you love Me?” Arron Chambers thinks that we are asking new disciples of Christ the wrong questions and that it’s time to start truly following the example of Christ by asking of disciples what Christ asked of Peter: devotion, not duty. In Devoted, Arron presents a new paradigm for discipleship: falling in love with Jesus. This approach to discipleship emphasizes passion for Jesus as opposed to a plan for following Jesus.